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*Steering Committee Members


Lee Min Lau, MD, PhD*, Chief Medical Informaticist
3M Health Information Systems

Rob Reynolds, Chief Operating Officer
Dynamic Content Group
Jonathan Olson, Chief Technology Officer
ID Connect, Inc.
Meghann Kopecky, Vice President, Operations
SafeLane Health

Stephen Dart, Vice President of Engineering Products

Bryn Rhodes, Principal
Dynamic Content Group
Kristin Brogaard, PhD, Co-Founder and COO
Inherent Biosciences
Jeffrey T. Eason, MPH, REHS, Bureau Manager, Population Health & Informatics
Salt Lake County Health

Ross Curtis*, Manager, Computational Genomics

Adam Hansen, CEO
Andy Olson, Co-Founder and CEO
Inherent Biosciences
Viet Nguyen, MD*, Founder

Asher Baltzell, Bioinformatics Engineer

Chris Hansen, President & COO
Sid Thornton, PhD*, Director of Clinical, Quality, and Research Informatics
Intermountain Healthcare
Andrew Burchett, MBA, President and CTO

Brian Jackson, MD, MS*, Medical Director of IT and Support Services
ARUP Laboratories

Julia Komissarchik, CEO & Co-Founder
Glendor, Inc.
Joseph Dalto, PhD*, Sr. Data Manager, Telehealth Services
Intermountain Healthcare
Spencer Healey, Director of Corporate Marketing

Nick Jackal, Community Engagement Director
Cambia Grove

Bo Dagnall, MS, VP, Platform Strategy
Graphite Health

Pallavi Ranade-Kharkar, MS, PhD, FAMIA, Director of Research Informatics and Precision Health Systems
Intermountain Healthcare
Maia Hightower, MD, MPH, MBA, Chief Medical Information Officer
University of Utah Health

Shaun Shakib, PhD, MPH, Chief Informatics Officer
Clinical Architecture

Jason Jones, Chief Data Scientist
Health Catalyst
Rick Freeman, President & CEO
Navina Forsythe, Director for Center for Health Data and Informatics
Utah Dept. of Health

Chris Klomp, MBA, CEO
Collective Medical Technologies

Eric Denna, Sr. Vice President, Talent Development
Health Catalyst
Yan Heras, PhD, Owner
Optimum eHealth
Matt Mascarenas, Marketing Manager
V School
Nicole Neumarker, EVP, Development & Innovation
Morgan Templar, Vice President Data Management
Highmark Health Inc.
Matt Leavitt, MD, Owner & Founder
PathNet Labs
MO Reeder, MBA, Co-Founder & COO
V School


Kim Naggy-O'Connell, RN, Director, Product & Technology
Highmark Health Inc.
Stephen A. Weaver, MS, RN-BC, Clinical Informatics Manager
Project Ronin
Ken Rubin, Senior Advisor, Standards and Interoperability
Veterans Health Administration, CIDMO Office


Gerasimos Petratos*, CEO
Hiteks Solutions, Inc.
Thomas P. Merrill, Principal & Founder
Shannon Sims, MD, PhD, SVP, Data Operations


Interested in participating? Please contact Cathy Bradley.